Skype Spy Monitor

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Record Skype chats and calls and keep important information

Just because I'm paranoid, doesn’t mean I'm not being followed. This great sentence really has nothing to do with this review, we simply like it a lot. However, sometimes you get that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, that there's something going on you're not sufficiently aware of. Sometimes, you can't seem to be able to shake off that nagging feeling for quite some time. When that's the case, some users start monitoring PC activities in order to find out if there's something fishy going on that they should know about.
Regarding Skype chat conversations there's a great tool for monitoring and for keeping track thereof. Skype Spy Monitor, secretly records Skype's incoming and outgoing chat messages. It differs from regular keylogger software programs by recording instant messages on both sides and not only typed keys on one side of the conversation. It also records time stamps and users who have held these conversations.
It runs in the background, remaining completely invisible, consuming very little system resources, sending log reports to your email or allowing you to access these logs directly from the program's interface. You can deny access to unwanted users by setting password protection.
So if it is unfaithful spouses, disloyal employees, misbehaving children or alien abduction conspirators you're after, Skype Spy Monitor is the tool for you.
A word for the wise: please make sure you do not violate any privacy rights as defined by relevant laws, rules or regulations.
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